2021 TPCA SHOW – Shenzhen Theme Exhibition Area

Bring exhibitors to show “5 High Technology” and “IC board” core solutions


2021TPCA International Circuit Board Exhibition – Shenzhen is actively preparing, the exhibition will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center – Bao ‘an Hall , please look forward to it!

TPCA planning during the exhibition with the exhibitors to promote concern the core issues of circuit board factory, special launch theme display in “High Frequency, High Speed, High-end Multi-layer, High-end HDI, High Voltage Thick Copper” process Solution, IC Substrate Technology and Solution for 5 g and IC Substrate Technical Development and Trend topics on surface of Technical products discussion combined with the exhibitors and the exchange, Buyers and visitors can understand the exhibitors’ products and technical solutions in a short time.

Welcome all exhibitors to participate actively. We will prepare the corresponding theme area publicity manual for comprehensive promotion on the exhibition site, South China Industry Fair, cross-strait TPCA exhibition, TPCA WeChat official account, TPCA official website, PCBshop procurement website and other platforms, and bring the related process technology solutions to PCB operators around the world.

ClickTPCA-Show-SHENZHEN-主题区规划案.pdfto download the theme area plan

ClickTPCA-Show-SHENZHEN-主题区申请表.docxto download the theme area application form