2020 Taiwan International Electronics Manufacturing Joint Exhibition in October

Major events of the 2020 global electronics industry exhibition, “Taiwan Circuit Board Industry International Exhibition” (TPCA Show), “Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology Exhibition” (TAITRONICS), “Taiwan International Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Exhibition”, (AIoT Taiwan) “Taiwan International Laser Exhibition” (Laser & Photonics Taiwan) “Taipei International Optoelectronics Week” (OPTO TAIWAN) and the first integration of the “Taiwan International Electronics Manufacturing Joint Exhibition” mode, will be from October 21 to 23 this year Grand exhibition in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1!

The joint exhibition includes circuit boards, electronic components, lasers, connectors, optoelectronics, system integration and Internet of Things solutions. Cross-domain integration presents a complete electronics manufacturing industry. It is expected to use nearly 2,500 booths to grab new business opportunities in the 5G era. The 21st “Taiwan Circuit Board International Exhibition” cascades the PCB industry supply chain, comprehensively displaying the latest manufacturing trends of the industry. This year’s exhibition is planned for the theme area of ​​three highlights: “SMT surface mount area”-the first time to work with the US IPC to jointly create the “SMT surface mount area”, in order to promote the global SMT related indicators manufacturers to join, and thus strengthen the Taiwan circuit The connection of the supply chain of the board industry; “PCB board factory 5G display area” includes high-frequency and high-speed materials, focusing on 5G communications, 5G communication, Internet of vehicles, self-driving cars and Industry 4.0, smart factories and other 5G related applications; “Smart manufacturing achievement display area” The Taiwan Circuit Board Association cooperates with the Information Policy Committee to complete the establishment of industry blueprints and standards and promote a model alliance. At the same time, the International Construction and Circuit Board Seminar (IMPACT) was held to focus on the packaging process and circuit board forward-looking technology in the coming generation of high-speed computing. In addition to providing a platform for communication and sharing between circuit board manufacturers and upstream and downstream manufacturers, TPCA Show 2020 is also looking forward to exposing the latest electronic manufacturing technology integration through the exhibition, and crossing traditional limitations will also be a major focus of this year’s exhibition.